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Nominate Your Property

The 4 Case Study sites for the Climate Smart Farming Project will be selected progressively over the next 12 months. All nominations will remain in the pool until the last one is selected.

To nominate your property to be one of the 4 Case Studies please provide the following information then submit it by clicking on the SUBMIT button below. You will receive an email message confirming receipt of your form.

* Name(s) of Property Owners :

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NOTE: 1 hectare = 2.47 acres (divide number of acres by 2.47 to get number of hectares)

Can you tell us a bit about your farm, eg :
  • Your current agricultural activities?
  • What are the environmental resources on your farm eg water availability and quality, vegetation, soils, etc?
  • Why are you interested in participating in this project?
  • What concerns do you currently have about the impact of climate change on your farm and on its native vegetation and animals?

Please read and indicate your agreement by ticking the boxes below.

* I understand that if the above property is selected to be a Case Study property in the Climate Smart Farming Project then the Project Team will visit the property to:
  • conduct a survey of the property to identify its key ecological resources and climate change issues, working with me/us to focus on the issues most relevant to current and future farm activities and to prepare a survey report, and provide me/us with a copy of the survey report;
  • Work with me/us to identify actions and a plan to address those issues to safeguard ecological resources and adapt to climate change.

* If the above property is selected, I/we agree to allow the Project Team and SCPA-South East Producers to:
  • announce the selection in SCPA News, on the SCPA website and in the public media;
  • prepare a case study of the property, including descriptions and photographs of current resources and climate change issues and possible approaches climate change adaptation;
  • publish that case study electronically and in hard copy, and use it in promotion of the project.

* I agree to allow the Project Team to hold a Farm Visit event on the property involving 20 to 40 visitors who will tour selected features of the property and hear about climate change challenges and approaches to responding to climate change. This event will be run jointly by the Project Team and by me/us. The Project Team will provide catering and undertake all administrative work for this Farm Visit.

* I agree to commence works on the property within 2 months of receiving the Farm Plan to begin implementation of actions to safeguard ecological resources and/or adapt to climate change.

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